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Our Story

We're DevOps engineers who were tired of spending hours fixing misconfigurations and issues to meet security requirements. So we built a product to automate the translation, enforcement, and remediation of security policies at the OS level. We believe that the same levels of security and compliance used to protect US communications networks and information systems should be available to enterprise clients worldwide.What started as an open-source project built on Puppet with over 25,000 community commits has now grown into a market-leading, industry-validated, engineer-loved compliance automation platform. 

We grew up in the NSA. In July 2021, we spun out of Onyx Point, a consultancy providing security and compliance support to government customers. We're now a scrappy team of 16 with venture backing, and we're growing fast. 

Team 3

Our Team

Lisa Umberger

Lisa Umberger

Chief Executive Officer

Favorite game: Best Fiends

Arianne Price

Arianne Price

Chief Operating Officer

Favorite game: Scrabble

Kendall (1)

Kendall Moore

Chief Product Officer

Favorite game: Legends of Zelda

Andy Adrian

Andy Adrian

Director of Product Development

Favorite game: Hardspace: Shipbreaker (but that will probably change next week)

Steven Pritchard

Steven Pritchard

Principal Solutions Architect

Favorite game: Biking (does that count?)


James Evans

Principal DevOps Architect


Tony Blount

Tony Blount

Principal Security & Compliance Engineer

Favorite game: Monopoly

Mike (1)

Mike Riddle

Senior DevOps Engineer

Favorite game: 7 Wonders


Rick Gardner

Senior DevOps Engineer

Favorite game: Diablo II


Garrett Adams

Technical Development Lead, Scanner & Console


Iris Kwok

Iris Kwok

UI/UX Engineer

Favorite game: Pokémon

Travis (1)

Travis Schultz

QA Test Engineer

Favorite game: Titanfall

Brandon (1)

Brandon Riden

Build & Release Engineer

Favorite game: Gears of War

JT (1)

JT Grasso

Full-Stack Developer

Favorite game: Mount and Blade

tom - Tom Tennant-1

Tom Tennant

Full-Stack Developer

Favorite game: SMITE: Battleground of the Gods