DevSecOps Platform Sicura Promotes Chief Product Officer & Security Engineer to CEO, Advances Product to Automate Security Drift Remediation

by Sicura on February 23, 2022


February 23, 2022

Baltimore, MD — Sicura, the security & compliance platform for DevOps workflows, announced today the appointment of its executive leadership team. Lisa Umberger has been promoted from Chief Product Officer to lead the company as Chief Executive Officer. Arianne Price will be Chief Operating Officer, and Kendall Moore will be Chief Product Officer. 

Sicura executive leadership team Lisa Umberger, Arianne Price, and Kendall Moore 

Sicura was founded in June of 2021, but the company’s origin story begins in 2009 as an R&D team working with the NSA. The initial concept was to accelerate the accreditation of internal systems and automatically remediate security issues across disparate systems. With significant adoption across the Agency, demand for the solution in other government agencies grew. The technology was open-sourced through the NSA Technology Transfer Program in 2015, enabling the contracting team to deliver the same security and compliance results to commercial customers as demanded by the nation’s top security experts. In 2020, the development team of 10 achieved nearly $1M in annual revenue, cementing the need for a stand-alone company to take the product to scale. Umberger and Moore were critical drivers of this success and are ready to lead in this next phase of growth.

“We’re DevOps nerds passionate about security and compliance, and we built the product we always wished we’d had,” said Umberger. “Our platform changed the way I managed compliance at the NSA as an information security systems engineer. We’ve demonstrated the commercial demand through our partnerships with DevOps and cloud infrastructure managers at customers like IBM. Now we’re helping other companies, their teams, and their customers prevent breaches and security drift while giving engineering and DevOps teams their time back.” 

Sicura is used daily by customers in government, financial services, and managed-service providers. The product automates the enforcement of leading technical controls including CIS Benchmarks, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and the DISA STIGs.

As chief product officer, Moore, an experienced DevOps engineer and consultant, will take ownership of the product roadmap and continue to ensure delivery of features and support. Price will leverage her expertise in client strategy and scaling operations developed in government and political campaigns as chief operating officer.

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Sicura is the automated security platform for DevOps teams. Sicura automatically enforces and remediates technical security controls in a DevSecOps platform to bridge the gap between security and engineering teams. Our platform fixes misconfigurations, prevents breaches, and remediates security drift. We automate security into DevOps workflows and give engineers their time back.

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