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Open Source Automated Security for DevOps Teams

Start automating security in DevOps workflows.


We are DevOps engineers who were tired of spending hours fixing misconfigurations and issues to meet security requirements.

So we built a product to automate the translation, enforcement, and remediation of security policies at the OS level.


Audit Management

Audit privileged and invalid user activity by actively collecting critical security events across managed infrastructure.

Host-based Firewalls

System-level network protection and logging across all managed systems. All exposed services running on the system have an enforced firewall policy.

Secure Remote Access

Encrypt and authenticate remote system communications. Privileged user access restriction and enforced access control groups help detect insider threats and prevent unauthorized access.

Unauthorized Service Prevention

Authorize the services that you want to run either system wide or selectively by host. Disable and report on services that have been enabled without authorization.


Want more?

  • easy-to-use software platform and data console
  • industry-standard compliance policies mapped to code
  • expert on-call support and training from a dedicated team of engineers
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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does Sicura Community support?

If you are working on a supported version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS based environment, Sicura will work in your existing infrastructure.

We also provide commercially available Sicura modules for Microsoft Windows in Enterprise.

Is Sicura really Open Source?

Sicura is Open Source under the Apache 2 license.

We encourage and accept contributions to the project from our community on GitHub.
If you would like to make contributions in any way we are happy to have you!

Please see the Contributors Guide for full details and don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it!

Can I use my existing Puppet modules with Sicura?

Sicura is compatible with any Puppet modules that do not have namespace conflicts with the core Sicura modules. We heartily encourage the use of the Puppet Forge for enriching the functionality of the Sicura framework.

Does Sicura work with Puppet Enterprise?

Yes! We have developed and tested updates to the Sicura modules that allow it to work seamlessly with Puppet Enterprise.

Contact us for more information regarding PE integration.

Do I have to use Puppet?

The Community edition of Sicura is built around the idea of continuous and automated compliance enforcement with Puppet. For options outside of the Puppet language, feel free to contact us about Sicura Enterprise which offers task-based and one-off compliance solutions. []

Where can I get more information about Sicura?

Visit our more comprehensive FAQ about our platform at

Feel free to reach out with any questions at []