Sicura can leverage and compliment the tools and platforms already deployed and trusted in your organization. These current and future integrations drive efficiency in your organization and visibility into your compliance posture.

Automation & Configuration Management Platforms


Sicura leverages Puppet for automation and configuration management. Sicura compliance profiles are developed for Puppet modules which organizations can deploy directly into their environments.

We also provide enterprise-level support for open-source Puppet, allowing many of our customers to cancel their subscription to Puppet Enterprise and achieve the same results with support for a fraction of the price. 


Sicura complements Ansible’s instant capability for deployment by offering continuous monitoring and enforcement. Customers use Ansible for one-off remediations and Sicura for steady-state compliance. 

We don’t currently have all of our compliance policies in Ansible Playbooks, but our service delivery engineers can create custom Playbooks. Ansible customers can also use the Sicura Console to assess and visualize DISA STIG compliance using OpenSCAP and RedHat-provided compliance benchmarks. 

Open source-cuate

Scanners & Assessment Tools


Sicura can empower you to take action on the insights delivered from NESSUS scans. Soon, Sicura will integrate directly with NESSUS, allowing customers to remediate issues revealed by NESSUS scans inside the Sicura Console. This integration is the leading priority on our roadmap and will be live by Q2 2022. 


Sicura allows Rapid7 users to remediate and enforce the data from Rapid7 scans. In 2022, we plan to invest in direct integrations with Rapid7. 

Center for Internet Security

As valued partners with CIS, Sicura both integrates with the CIS Assessor and enforces the industry-standard CIS Benchmarks. Sicura is CIS certified for both scanning and enforcement of these Benchmarks.

We are working directly with CIS to allow our customers to access CIS benchmarks and CISCAT directly in the Sicura Console. 

Repository Management Tools

Sicura integrates with leading repository management tools like BitBucket by Atlassian, GitLab, and GitHub to allow customers to store and deploy Sicura code from their own local or trusted environment. Our integrations with these tools offer a secure, locally-housed way to deploy Sicura and Puppet code to active environments where compliance enforcement occurs. 

CI/CD Tools

Sicura integrates with leading Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools such as GitLab Runners, GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines (formerly Microsoft Team Foundation Server), Jenkins, and TravisCI. Our customers use these tools to deploy Sicura through existing infrastructure deployment methodologies.

Ticketing Systems

Sicura currently offers a GitLab plug-in in the Console so users can create and update GitLab tickets directly from Console results. Further integrations with additional ticketing systems are on our roadmap. 

Our service delivery engineers can build custom ticketing capability through professional services engagements for tools like ServiceNow and Jira.