Automated Security Remediation Across the OS and Up the Stack

Sicura is a security and compliance platform that enforces and remediates technical security controls, bridges the gap between security and engineering teams, and puts a stop to manual fixes of misconfigurations.

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Sicura automates the most comprehensive libraries of compliance regulations needed in heavily regulated industries: 



Sicura was first developed within the NSA to accelerate ATOs

CIS Benchmarks 

Sicura is certified for enforcement and remediation by CIS

ISO 27001 & SOC2 

Sicura fulfills the technical requirements of broad compliance certifications 

Built by engineers, for engineers

We're DevOps & IT engineers who built the product we wished we had with the goal of saving engineers time and keep organizations secure. Sicura is built on an open-source core with a decade of NSA & community development. 

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Leveraging automation to drive efficiency & security

Sicura leverages automation to:

  • Translate policies to code & keep them up-to-date
  • Assess and enforce those policies across the OS
  • Remediate issues and make safe changes to your infrastructure


Host-based Firewalls

System-level network protection and logging across all managed systems. All exposed services running on the system have an enforced firewall policy.


Audit privileged and invalid user activity by actively collecting critical security events across managed infrastructure.


Secure Remote Access

Encrypt and authenticate remote system communications. Privileged user access restriction and enforced access control groups help detect insider threats and prevent unauthorized access.

Unauthorized Service Prevention

Authorize the services that you want to run either system wide or selectively by host. Disable and report on services that have been enabled without authorization.

Web Console

Log into the web console to assess your current security posture, make safe changes, and generate reports.


Integrate Sicura into your existing pipeline including CI/CD, ticketing, and repository management tools and processes.  

OS & Middleware Support

Sicura supports Windows and Linux operating systems and Apache SQL server, with middleware offerings coming soon.


Continuous and One-Click Remediation 

Use Puppet for continuous monitoring and automatic fixes up to every 30 minutes. Make single remediations with a single click in noop mode.

"We chose Sicura to provide multi-tenant compliance enforcement for our federal customers. Deploying Sicura was an easy decision. 

The increased efficiency provided by Sicura saves us $2.4M per year. The added expertise and ease of support throughout this project is what makes us continue to invest in Sicura within our infrastructure. " 

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