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Security and compliance automated at the code-level

Sicura achieves and maintains steady-state compliance at the operating system level for high-security, highly-regulated industries.

With an easy-to-use software platform and data console, industry-standard compliance policies mapped to code, and expert on-call support and training from our team of engineers, Sicura improves efficiency, energizes compliance teams, and advances threat readiness across industries.


Scan and visualize your organization's compliance posture with an easy-to-use interface and standard scan utilities.


Access remediation data for failed checks and implement directly in your environment or from the Sicura Console.


Implement and enforce critical system settings and security best practices through continuous compliance automation.

"We chose Sicura to provide multi-tenant compliance enforcement for our federal customers. As an existing Puppet Enterprise (PE) environment, deploying Sicura was an easy decision. Our teams found added value in our project through an extended on-site engagement.

Not only did Sicura provide an important solution, but the Partner was also able to upgrade our PE environment and integrate CloudBolt. The added expertise and ease of support throughout this project is what makes us continue to invest in Sicura within our infrastructure."


Technical Delivery Manager, Infrastructure Automation
IBM Managed Services & Cloud Solutions

Sicura's Continuous Compliance Cycle

Compliance Cycle Graphic

The Sicura platforms manages the compliance cycle with three key components:

  • Sicura Engine: Open-Source framework with industry-standard compliance frameworks mapped as code
  • Sicura Console: User-friendly dashboard providing continuous insight into your organization's compliance posture
  • Sicura Agent: Automated tool continuously scanning and remediating compliance errors and issues 

Supported Compliance Profiles

Compliance Profiles (4)

Customized Support & Training

Sicura monitors and remediates systems to sustain compliance with security baselines tailored to your organization's needs. We offer best-in-class compliance solutions to government agencies and heavily regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, legal, and technology companies.

We offer support subscriptions and customized training for Sicura along with other industry-leading devops technologies, including Puppet and GitLab.  With Sicura, you can achieve enterprise-level support at open-source pricing. Our experienced service delivery engineers work with your team to empower them to fully utilize the capabilities of your infrastructure.

“Our organization has been using Sicura for the past 4 years to automate the management and compliance of our production IT infrastructure.  Sicura allows us to easily monitor the state of compliance and rapidly address new security issues so that we can spend more time focusing on our clients.”


Global Investment Management Firm
                             with over $1 trillion in assets under management

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