About Sicura

Sicura is on a mission—uncompromising automation. We automate security and compliance so the organizations powering the world’s critical technology can operate securely and efficiently.

We're a team of IT engineers, security specialists, and developers who want the hassles that come with configuration management and regulatory compliance out of the way of operations. So, we built Sicura. Now, we bring the ability to automate translation, enforcement, and remediation of security policies to organizations like yours.

Our Vibe

The things we believe in set the tone for our goals, ethics, and guidance. This is what we are passionate about and it carries through everything we do.

We're Smart.

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We're Hardworking.

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We Rely on Trust.

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We Adapt.

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We Collaborate and Work Better Together.

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We Deliver.

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We Don't Reinvent the Wheel.

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Our Team

Our team consists of seasoned information security veterans hailing from Fortune 500 companies, security and automation vendors, and the U.S. Intelligence Community.

We’ve encountered security and automation tasks and concerns across over thousands of infrastructures. We are confident Sicura should be the foundation of your IT security planning and implementation.

At Sicura, we create a culture promotes the best in our employees, and create a product as the backbone of compliance.

Leadership Team

Lisa Umberger

Chief Executive Officer
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Kendall Moore

Chief Product Officer
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"Sicura allows us to easily monitor the state of compliance and rapidly address new security issues so that we can spend more time focusing on our clients."
“We chose Sicura to provide multi-tenant compliance enforcement for our federal customers. Deploying Sicura was an easy decision. The added expertise and ease of support throughout this project is what makes us continue to invest in Sicura within our infrastructure.”

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