How Sicura Can Level-Up Your Puppet Environment for Automated Security & Compliance

Thousands of organizations and their DevOps teams trust Puppet to continuously monitor and manage their infrastructure - but most of those organizations fail to leverage this automation to keep their systems in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Sicura takes advantage of Puppet’s core offerings and levels it up to deliver continuous insight and control of your environment, all while saving engineers time and organizations money. 

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Puppet is a great tool, but it doesn’t do everything that you need

Puppet is an industry-leading provider of infrastructure management software and services. It’s a great tool. If your organization manages infrastructure with Puppet, we bet you love it for these reasons: 

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Continuous enforcement of configurations
  • Self- healing infrastructure

However, like any tool, Puppet isn’t great at everything. 

Out-of-the-box, Puppet does not  keep your system in compliance with the legal requirements or industry standards such as CIS, DISA-STIGS, HIPAA, etc. Enforcing secure settings is a critical part of an infrastructure management program and defense-in-depth strategy, but if you’re relying on Puppet, you’re leaving your organization vulnerable. 

Puppet does offer some bolt-ons that claim to help with compliance, such as Puppet Remediate or Puppet Comply. As compliance experts, we don’t believe these offer the full solution - they don’t include standard compliance policies, aren’t easy to use, and are costly to include in a Puppet Enterprise subscription. 

Sicura leverages Puppet for technical compliance, improving efficiency

What if you had the ability to level up Puppet Enterprise or Open Source to manage all compliance? That’s exactly why we built Sicura - to use Puppet’s technology to assess, remediate, and enforce security controls to support adherence to compliance policies. 

We convert compliance policies or security implementations into code that’s readable by Puppet.That can then be applied across your IT infrastructure and enforced on a 30-minute cadence. 

Harnessing Puppet’s automation technology to manage compliance benefits a number of people at the organization, including engineering managers, DevOps engineers, system admins, even CISO’s. Your team can automate security and compliance away and get back to focusing on your business needs and goals. 

We developed this product to fill in some key gaps in the Puppet offering, all while capitalizing on what Puppet does well. We’re Puppet experts, and so when you work with Sicura, you can capitalize on the technology. Whether that means integration with Puppet Enterprise or Puppet Open Source. We’ll help you make sure you’re taking advantage of all of what the automation technology offers but with a focus on security best practices and adherence to a variety of compliance standards. . We even offer a premium-tier subscription for Puppet Open Source support at a significant discount, meaning you can achieve Enterprise-quality support at open-source prices. 

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Sicura saves engineering & security teams hundreds of thousands per year

In addition to the efficiencies and other labor savings, Sicura’s all-in-one low pricing saves your organization money with a subscription when you make the switch from Puppet Enterprise to Sicura. 

Here’s our math - sample with 1000 nodes:

  • Puppet Enterprise with Continuous Delivery, Standard Support: $144.50 per node
  • Puppet Remediate Premium: $30 per node
  • Puppet Comply Premium: $18 per node
  • TOTAL= $192,500 annual cost

Or, take advantage of Sicura’s all-in-one functionality and Puppet support subscriptions for those same 1000 nodes: 

  • Sicura Enterprise Edition: $97 per node
  • Sicura Puppet Open Source Support: $58 per node
  • TOTAL = $155,000

That’s over $30,000 in annual savings within the first year for just 1000 nodes - all while improving functionality, reducing labor requirements, and preserving the Puppet features and top-tier support you already have. 

If you rely on Puppet but want to do more, all while saving labor and money, reach out today to schedule time with one of our expert Puppet engineers.