How to Manage Security Compliance in Complex Environments

Enforcing compliance is a critical tool in any organization’s cybersecurity arsenal. Large organizations face numerous challenges when enforcing compliance due to the size and breadth of systems that require protection. 

Two types of environments are particularly challenging. First are environments with multiple domains — characteristic of merger and acquisitions. Second are network isolation where firewalls have been erected to further increase security at the cost of communication between systems.  

When considering compliance at scale, the natural solution is to create Active Directory Group Policy Objects with compliant settings; however, each domain has its own Active Directory Group Policy, so the process can become bloated and inefficient quickly. Organizations compensate for this problem by either manually synchronizing multiple instances of Group Policy or employing various teams and technology which then must be coordinated. The ideal situation is to have one team utilizing one technology to discuss and set policy. To combat these challenges, organizations can invest in a single configuration platform like Sicura, which has the ability to configure and manage system configuration across domains on an ongoing basis. 

Sicura was designed to do compliance enforcement for any system that employs compliance benchmarks and has the ability to run a Puppet agent. Sicura eliminates repetitive work to deploy, harden, and persist system configuration. Because Sicura implements Puppet as the configuration management platform, it enables your team to configure on thirty minute intervals and minimize system drift over time. A couple of popular standards Sicura already covers are CIS benchmarks, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, HIPAA, GDPR, and a number of custom compliance policies. 

Sicura is a scale-ready compliance reporting and enforcement platform designed for enterprise organizations with complex environments — essential for providing proof of your compliant systems to auditors and the like. Sicura takes sometimes obtuse compliance policies written by humans and applies it consistently to your systems. 

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