Signs You Need to Upgrade your Compliance Strategy

Most organizations have some sort of compliance program in place. But is it the right compliance strategy? Your organization’s compliance posture is ever-changing as regulations evolve and technology upgrades. Here are two ways you’ll know if it’s time to update your compliance strategy. 

Audit Chaos

Audits are a mad scramble of gathering logs from various systems, double checking settings, taking screenshots, gathering captures, and consolidating all pertinent data into easily accessible locations for auditors to access. 

Obviously, failing an audit is the absolute worst outcome. Oftentimes, internal audits serve as a “canary in the coal mine” and are scheduled shortly before external auditors come in. Most organizations won’t get to the worst-case scenario of failing an external audit, but many fail the internal audit precursor at least once every cycle. Failing the internal audit requires quick configuration changes and engineering work to get systems compliant before the external audit. 

Even if your organization eventually passes the audit, stressful and chaotic audit seasons indicate that your baseline compliance program is not up to par. A mad scramble every quarter is inefficient and takes your team members off their regular work.

Internal Complaints

Another key indicator that your organization’s compliance practices are insufficient is if there is a rise in internal complaints at audit time. Most commonly this occurs when people are spending more time figuring out compliance than actually doing operational or business related tasks. 

Unless you have a dedicated compliance team, the work of compliance usually falls to either security or server operations teams -- teams whose time is better spent building new systems or other critical maintenance work. You know for sure that you need to improve your compliance processes when the “crunch” from compliance begins to get in the way of your business functioning. 

No business owner wants unhappy customers, employees, or partners because compliance is placing undue weight on your organization. 

A Better Way

If you’ve encountered one (or both!) of the problems above, it could be time to identify and implement a new compliance strategy. 

Sicura empowers organizations to achieve automated steady-state compliance over time,  meaning your organization is always audit ready and your engineers can stay on their key projects during audit time. 

If you think it’s time to find a better compliance solution, reach out today to book a demo and learn more about our all-in-one compliance platform. Our average time from demo to full deployment is 6 weeks. Book a demo today!