How Sicura Can Level-Up Your CIS Environment for Automated Security & Compliance

CIS Users

CIS is a community-driven nonprofit, responsible for the CIS Controls® and CIS Benchmarks™, globally recognized best practices for securing IT systems and data.

Sicura is partnered with CIS to offer assessment and remediation of the CIS Benchmarks across your infrastructure.

CIS is great about updating and maintaining their benchmarks. As policies and threats evolve, we trust that CIS is keeping up-to-date and releasing new benchmarks quickly.

CIS offers wide applications for their benchmarks, too. You can use the CIS-CAT scanner to assess and enforce CIS compliance across Linux and Windows operating systems as well as middleware such as Microsoft SQL Server, Apache Tomcat, and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

We integrated the CIS-CAT Pro scanner into Sicura because we think it’s the best scanner on the market. It clearly demonstrates compliance with CIS Benchmarks, and integrates well into other tools and workflows. The CIS Workbench offers an easy-to-navigate place to find all the different standards and benchmarks.

We love the CIS team, too. They invest in building relationships with their customers and partners.

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