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This article explains how to configure the Sicura Console Collector, including pruning report data and enabling legacy versions.


Note: All of the following config options can be set in  /etc/sicura/sicura-console.yaml

Pruning Report Data

To keep the database from storing too many reports, you can specify the maximum number of reports to store per node using the following setting. The default is 3.

main.max_scans: 3

Configuring Sicura Console Collector

The Collector is the communication point between the Sicura Agent and Sicura Console. The current version of the collector is v3, which all Sicura Agents since Console version 1.8.0 fully support. If, for whatever reason, you want to use an Agent from previous releases, you will need to enable the legacy Collector.

main.legacy_collector: true

Enabling this configuration option will bring back the v2 Collector and the Client Installation page. You can use the registration token as mentioned in the v2 documentation.